Why you should Visit Petra, in Jordan


To this day, Petra remains Jordan’s most sought-after site to see by tourists from all over the world, and it’s no wonder as to why. With architecture that could, without exaggeration, be called beyond ancient, and gorgeous ruby sand formations in every direction you throw your eye, it certainly isn’t lacking for beauty. But beauty on its own isn’t all that Petra has to offer, for any curious tourist visiting the country.

Petra was discovered in the year 1812, by a Swiss explorer who’d uncovered it from under many layers of sand. Thought to once have been built as a centre for trade between Arabia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean, Petra was once a thriving city with all the wealth and power one would expect of a capital. Today, the ruins of the city still stand, despite all the odds, making them a must-see for just about anyone with either an eye for beauty or a knack for mystery.

Treasury, Monastery and other Attractions in Petra

Some may seek it out for the challenge. The Monastery is a temple found in Petra, sitting atop a mountain from which you can see both Israel and Palestine. As you’d expect from a Monastery atop a mountain, the challenge mainly comes in the climb – and the 800 steps are certainly no joke. The steps have been there since 400 BC, making them one of the oldest parts of the so-called ‘Lost City.’

Tour to Petra
The Monastery - Petra, Jordan

If we’re talking about ancient structures in Petra, then we can’t go on without mentioning the most well-known image associated with the Lost City. That is, of course, the travel-card worthy, breathtaking sight of The Treasury (or the Al-Khazneh, if you prefer). This great structure was built at the start of the 1st Century AD, thought to have originally been purposed as a crypt. Quite literally carved into the cliffside and towering high above what anyone might imagine a human to be capable of building during that era, it stands today as the main attraction for many visiting the Lost City.

Petra’s Gorges and Rock Formations

If you’re more interested in the natural world than the architectural one, then you’re also in luck. Petra has some of the most awe-inspiring rock formations you’ll ever lay your eyes on, having been carved into a gorge. The ruby-red colouring of the sandstone is impressive enough on its own, but walking through the gorge whilst surrounded by the beautiful formations is an experience unlike any other – one you can’t experience anywhere but the Lost City.

Rock Formations - Petra, Jordan

Day or night, Petra is worth your attention. If you’re travelling through Jordan, and miss out on the Lost City, then you’re doing yourself a major disservice. According to archaeologists, not even half of the great structures of Petra have been discovered yet, given that much of the Lost City is still buried. So do yourself a favour and take a stroll through the past in one of Jordon’s most attractive tourist hotspots. After all, it’s an experience you’ll find tough to forget.


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